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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good friday morning to you. thanks so up many for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. getting out of bed on friday morning is usually a little easier thanks say, a monday morning. but you're going to get some help today. when you open the door and breathe in the first breath of chilly air -- >> i don't know about you. when it's cold, i want to snuggle. today was a lot harder than the other days. you just made me miss my bed all over again. maybe i need to step outside. once you step outside, 40s to greet you. that will wake you up. 48 in the peninsula. 50 in the tri-valley and 54 in the south bay. later today temperatures come up but not that bad, 84 for the south bay, 75 on the peninsula. 68 for the north bay. temperatures warming even more as we head to the weekend with 90s returning. let's toss things over to mike. warm or cold? >> i like it cooler. i have been happy the last
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couple days. i don't know about the weekend, but at least it's the weekend. looking towards the south bay, a couple of crashes. the one i'm worried about in the south bay is north 101, a crash north of alum rock by the mckee off-ramp. it sounds like the activity is in the center divide. we see slowing from story road and the bay bridge toll plaza has the only other backup going on in the bay right now. that's over at the toll plaza because the metering lights are on. >> thank you very much, mike. at 6:o 1, the first of several officers accused in the sex scanned ld will appear in court. shaern katsuda is live where the hearing will be held this afternoon. good morning,ing sharon. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the former officer's name is brian bun ton. he will be here at 2:00 p.m. he's from the oakland police department and faces charges of obstruction of justice and engagement in an act of prostitution. he's accused of tipping off
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19-year-old jasmine who is at the center of the sex scandal to prostitution busts in exchange for sex. jasmine, formerly known as celeste guap, says she's had sex with possibly 30 police officers, claiming some of those encounters took place while she was under age. jasmine's attorney says jasmine is fresh out of jail after serving more than two weeks in florida on a felony charge. he's back in the bay area looking to turn her life around. district attorney nancy o'malley says her investigators went into 76,000 page of facebook communications, 59,000 text messages and about 3,000 pages of instagram postings before filing these charges against the officers. these officers include police officers in the livermore police department, more in the oakland police department and contra costa county sheriff's department. today former officer brian bunton will face arraignment in court. i'm sharon katsuda, "today in
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the bay." >> overnight protesters took to the streets in charlotte for a third straight night. only this time, the national guard was there with them. >> release the video! release the video! >> last night police issued a midnight to 6:00 a.m. curfew which demonstrators defied. despite that, protesters remained mostly peaceful. they want police to release the video from the deadly officer-involved shooting of keith scott. family members of scott have seen the video and they say they couldn't make out what was in his hands when he was shot and killed by a charlotte police officer. >> release the video. release the video. >> i'm going to be very intentional about protecting the integrity of the investigation, and in so doing i'm not going to release the video. >> scott's family says he wasn't holding a gun but instead a book
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while he was waiting for his child to get off the bus. we'll kwont to follow this story as it develops throughout the morning,ing both on air and online. amid all these calls for transparency, we'll have a live report from charlotte. >> a live look at the san mateo bridge this morning. the toll plaza the scene last night of a very unusual crash that brought westbound traffic to a standstill. that's when a stolen hayward police car crashed into three other cars. the video you're seeing here doesn't involve the car that wurz stolen. police chased the car onto the bridge when it crashed just past the toll plaza and rolled on to the marsh. officers eventually arrested that driver. no one in the other cars were seriously injured and all westbound lanes were closed for some time. but the incident certainly not impacting this morning's commute. a surge of violence in a typically quiet city. this morning police are investigating the shooting death of a 19-year-old man in south berkeley. it happened near the corner of fairview and ataline about 7:30
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last night. police got multiple calls of several shots fired in the area. when officers arrived, they saw a young man on the ground. people in the area thought they heard seven or eight shots. one woman told us the victim lives in the neighborhood and police say they believe the teenager was targeted. >> i know the family, the parents. we all grew up together. nine out of ten times when it's a kid, i grew up with the mother, the father, the grandparents. >> this marks the third shooting in burkely this month and the second killing this year. the man accused of beating an 88-year-old woman nearly to death is back in court today for a plea hearing. zachary cuen is charged with attempted murder and robbery. investigators say he beat and robbed flo douglas in her san jose home. she's better known to the community as miss flo. the family says she's still in critical condition in the hospital's intensive care unit, but she has now opened her eyes and spoken for the first time since the attack.
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the dental assistant accused of sexually assaulting dozens of children at two offices is back in court. alejandro sara faces multiple charges of child molestation and pornography. investigators say he sexually abused up to 50 children and recorded the crimes on his cell phone. it happened at la clinica adentl office. turning to decision 2016 and the race for the silicon valley congressional seat getting kind of ugly. challenger ro khanna's campaign manager has resigned after mike honda accused him of stealing sensitive fund-raising data. honda says his campaign manager, brian parvizshani illegally downloaded lists of donors and their personal information. following that he resigned. the khanna campaign says the
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resignation was to avoid a possible distraction and calls the whole thing a political stupt. we spoke to honda at an event last night and he said no rules were broken. >> i contacted hundreds of past donors and supporters. these are people i got information from from friends or personal in the community or other former honda supporters. >> the suit accuses khanna and his former campaign manager of conspireing to access confidential information. so far no criminal charges have been filed. the drive to bring a new parking structure to downtown los gatos is reportedly moving forward. >> this is a whole lot more capacity. the proposal calls for a 300-space parking garage at a city owned lot on santa cruz avenue and would also include up to two dozen condos. a formal agreement still has to be reached before the project
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gets the green light. it's 6:07. the green light to the weekend coming. a cool start to our morning. >> yes, it is. but that is going to change and change quite significantly, anthony. >> yeah. in fact, this time tomorrow we'll be waking up to temperatures a little warmer and looking at highs tomorrow in the 90s. today still looking cool. clear skies in the south bay and pretty clear across parts of san francisco. a then veil across parts of the coastline near half moon bay. temperatures this morning running much cooler than they were this time yesterday. in some cases up to 11 degrees cooler which leaves you at 45 degrees in half moon bay, 54 in san jose and 50 in livermore. this afternoon temperatures will turn out to be pretty nice, a little warmer than they were yesterday, but still comfortable, 77 for palo alto and 68 for san francisco. the weekend holds some warm weather. we'll talk about that in the meantime. mike has the morning commute. >> we have light traffic. the volume is not so bad. we have also two crashes, in san
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jose and hayward. the rest of it, better than monday through thursday. northbound 101 we have the crash between alum rock and mckee, it's in the center divide area. the distraction has it slowing. look at the rest of silicon valley. as we move up, hayward slowing, but now slow out of san leandro toward a street with the crash also moving to the shoulder. an easy drive heading towards the san mateo bridge. the foster city side, the westbound traffic building a bit. down the high-rise, a smooth flow of traffic down the decline. 101 not showing any slowing in the peninsula. back to you. >> up next, new fallout for san francisco-based wells fargo. the lawsuit not pitted at the company, but rather its executives as one bay area city steps up to try to help the victims of the scam. >> reporter: i'm tracie potts in washington. we're out on the national mall to show you this. that is the new smithsonian national museum of african-american history and
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culture. it opens this weekend. a hearing at san francisco's
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city hall .. is shedding new light on the troubled millenium tower project. a hearing at san francisco city hall is shedding new light
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on the troubled millennium tower project, a tower that has already sunk more than a foot since it was completed. supervisors held that hearing yesterday and held the building inspectors who approved the construction accountable. among the revelation, supervisor aaron pes skin subjected to media scrutiny didn't trigger the probe. one higher up called the tourgs troubles unlike anything he's ever seen before. there is more trouble for san francisco-based wells fargo. a bay area law firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of a shareholder. it alleges wells fargo executives were aware the accounts were being opened to booster that numbers. the lawsuit is calling on the bank's executive team to return the millions of dollars they made from the fake accounts. >> we're asking for a claw back, in other words, that those
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executives that knew what was going on have to give back those bonuses because that's really the public's money. >> we reached out to wells fargo and they declined to comment on the lawsuit. that san francisco bank has been fined $185 million over the controversy. today the city treasurer is supposed to announce resource rs available to residents affected by it. it is potentially the largest data beach on record. yahoo! on damage control this morning after hackers accessed more than 500 million accounts. the breach happened back in 2014. yahoo! claims they just learned about it. thing ha includes names, e-mail addresses, encrypted passwords and birth dates. yahoo! believes it was a state-sponsored attack meaning someone was acting on behalf of the government. yahoo! is not alone. you'll recall in 2013 target was hacked with 40 million debit and credit cards affected. anthem revealed hackers stole
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information on about 80 million people. here is a tip for you, if you still have a yahoo! account, change your password immediately. hundreds of for-profit colleges could be closing their doors leaving 600,000 students scrambling to find other schools. it comes as the education department withdraws recognition of the nation's largest ak creditor of for-profit schools. the agency has been accused of lax oversight of schools including those owned by corinthian incorporated. happening today and more positive news here, a three-day festival begins in washington, d.c. to celebrate the opening of the national museum of african-american history and culture. >> "today in the bay's" tracie potts lucky enough to be at the national mall this morning to give us a glimpse of what's en side. pretty exciting day, tracie. >> reporter: it's a really exciting day. that excitement is starting to
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build before the official opening tomorrow. today we've got some of the festival events starting to get under way. this has really been a long time coming. believe it or not, it's been 13 years since congress first approved this. here on the national mall starting today, thousands of people are expected for saturday's opening of the national museum of african-american history and culture. >> a symbol of freedom and liberation and achievement. >> reporter: a building as unique as its purpose with artifacts from all over the country. >> went around the country, went into communities, partnered with local museums and said bring out your stuff. >> reporter: this segregated southern railway car, a south carolina slave cabin dismantled piece by piece and reconstructed here, a 21-foot guard tower from the nation's largest prison in louisiana where black convicts were leased out to work. >> those who do not remember
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history are doomed to repeat it. >> reporter: but the museum story is also one of triumph, the hope schools that educated thousands of black children in the segregated south. martin luther king has a place here, so does president obama. he's attending tomorrow's dedication. sports pioneers celebrated for their skill and strength. entertainers who broke the color barrier. chuck berry's red cadillac, the one he drove across the fox theater stage in st. louis. >> this is the same theater that turned chuck berry away as a child because he was black. >> reporter: because they're black, there's now this special place to tell their story. it is a special place. it is going to be a special weekend, too. they've got tons of things happening out here, lots of entertainment for people who aren't invited to the special ceremony. storytelling. angela bassett will be here, robert de niro, musical selections and performances,
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stevie wonder, patty labelle. the bottom line, people will have a really good time even if they don't have tickets to get into the building, although i'm told, if you show up, they may have some day-of tickets. but a really busy weekend to kick things off. >> got to make that news assignment last a little longer into the weekend. thanks so much. >> what's cool about that, as tracie was talking about everyone invited. betty reid soskin, the oldest park ranger from richmond is going. >> we were there over the weekend, wep were so disappointed it wasn't open. >> i love the smithsonian. >> my great grandmother is in the smithsonian. mary burroghs, helped start the cranberry industry. >> but we have you. >> and i have you.
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let's talk some weather this morning. maybe you're getting out of town this weekend. wherever you're going across the state, although it's going to warm up. maybe you want to be thinking about the beach, pack some warm summer clothes because it's going to be warm across the state weekend. right now it's dhilly. so you may be grabbing the jacket, 46 degrees in the north bay, 50 in the tri-valley and 48 in the peninsula. it's very chilly out there. you'll get rid of the jackets this afternoon. warmer than it was yesterday. still cool in san francisco. up to 68. everywhere else, a good mix of 70s and 80s. later this afternoon, that area of low pressure starts to make its way out of here. that's why we'll see our temperatures warm up. storm track starts to lift to the north. that means high pressure starts to build in and offshore winds will start to develop over the next couple days as this thing shifts off the coastline. that's going to mean increased fire danger. temperatures across the state really comfortable, 70s and 80s
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through the central valley. look at palm springs, 89 degrees. nice and comfortable. tomorrow, a completely different story. back to 90 degrees for places like walnut creek, even napa up to 92. look how hod it gets sunday, close to 100 degrees in the wine country, tri-valley, even monterey on sunday will be in the 80s. here is the seven b day forecast, pretty toasty. san francisco, you'll see a cool day today but rebounding nicely. back into the 70s and 80s by sunday. another quick collect awful the weather. let's toss things over to mike right now. >> anthony, we're watching for them. the rest of the bay, this is good stuff. in the south bay, northbound 101 should be improving because of traffic, all the crashes and distraction is clear, north 101 around alum rock. the traffic that was backed up
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there has smoothed itself out. from story road past the airport for that slowing into silicon vall valley. hayward, easy. the crash should be out of the roadway as well. an easy drive past the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. no problem for the tri-valley. the bay bridge toll plaza, the approach moving well up the eastshore freeway just at the toll plaza. there's the backup. palo alto moving well, peninsula side no problem. 6:21 right now. packing on the pounds? the reason might not be from calories. how researchers are connecting it to a woman's brain. >> your nbc bay area responds team sails past another big benchmark. i'm kchler investigator chris chmura. meet the people who are helping us by helping them next. reaches another money-saving
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milestone for our viewers. =laura2shot= this week, we surpassed t quart. consumer investigator chris chmura shows us how we did it. take pkg this week we surpassed the $250,000 mark. chris chmura shows us how we did it. >> good morning. we only started "nbc bay area responds" in late may, yet we've already returned more than $270,000 to viewers. as of this morning, the total stands at $273,459.92.
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from our smallest refund of ten bucks to or biggest which exceeded $30,000, every case started with a call or an e-mail from a consumer like you who simply asked for help. so far we've opened more than 1,500 cases. take a look at this week. wednesday we helped save kumar konar $9,000 after the dmv refused to register the car he brought from texas. tuesday yes put $5,000 back in the pockets of local ambulance customers who say they got collection notices instead of bills where the company wiped the debt clean after we spoke up. monday we recovered $2,000 for bruce and susan. the airline covered the cost of a cancelled flight after their travel insurance declined to pay. please call us, 1-888-996-tips or visit once you're there, look for the yellow submit tips button.
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share your story, pictures, video clips or documents. we'll add your savings to the 270 grand we've already returned to other bay area residents. have a great weekend. >> thanks so much, chris. you, too. ladies, listen to this one with me. they say it's not just the years oracleries that pack on the pounds. scientists say some of it might be in their head. researchers at the university of missouri say they believe changes in brain activity may lead to decrease in physical activity for women entering menopause. they identified a link between hormones and dopamine levels. the loss of hormones leads to a decline in dopamine activity and the brain's pleasure center and from there a decline in physical activity. >> the research shows that there's a very small drop in physical activity that happens that is not their fault. there are actually changes that might occur in the brain that drive this reduced motivation to
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be physically active. >> maybe because we're kind of busy, too. researchers encourage women entering and following menopause because their brain may be telling them to slow down. >> one more thing on the to-do list, exercise. moving in the right direction. still very intense. coming up, another night of protests. the new demands from dplon investigators in charlotte overnight coming up in a live report. a stolen police car, pursuit and crash shuts down a major road. we'll have that story coming up. =sam/4shot=
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good morning - and thanks r joining us. i'm sam brock. =laura/4shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. ==wx/cu== good morning at 6:30. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> temperatures in the 40s right now. you may be reaching for the latte later this morning. we're looking at temperatures in the 40s, grab a jacket as well. clear skies, no fog at the coastline. you won't have to drive through that coming across our bridges. mike coming by with a complete traffic report. 43 in napa, 50 in livermore and 45 in gilroy. later this afternoon we'll get rid of the chill and welcome the warmth. back in the 80s for the inland valley, upper 70s for some us.
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>> friday light around the bay. you have about an hour to get on the roads before it will get really clouded. typically happens about then on a friday. the crash at alum rock has cleared. now a disabled vehicle reported just north of sjc. southbound 880 slow out of san leandro toward 8th street where a crash moved from the center divide to the shoulder. i think this is where i hand it off to you guys. >> pretty chaotic night for the hayward police department after a suspect stole a police cruiser eventually crashing it. >> bob redell is live in the san mateo bridge where the patrol car ended up? a marsh. how did it all happen? >> reporter: it started with a stolen squad car from an accident earlier in the night.
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it happened not far from the san mateo toll plaza. the accident taking place down that way, in the westbound direction, heading in the westbound direction across the bridge. but it started with a stolen squad car from an accident earlier in the evening. that fers accident happened around 9:20 off observation drive near roxbury lane. that's way up there in the hayward hills, about 25 miles from where we're at. officers with the hayward police department were conducting their investigation. one of the people involved in that accident jumped into the hayward police officer's patrol car and took off. hayward police did catch up with them and began to chase them on westbound highway 92. it was a little bit later, until the second crash around 9:45 last night about a half mile from the toll plaza. police tell us the driver of the stolen police car struck three other cars and then rolled into the nearby marsh. that driver was taken into
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custody. the people in the other three cars had minor injuries at the worst, in the entire westbound direction of highway 92. they were able to clean it up and get it back open. traffic is moving certainlyality the limit. looks like a regular friday morning smut here at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. live in hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much. what will likely be a lengthy legal process be agains today. the first of seven law enforcement officers charged in the sex abuse scandal involving an east bay teen is set to enter a plea in court. oakland police officer brian bunton is accused of tipping the teenager off about undercover prostitution stings in exchange for sex. charges stem from relationships
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with celeste guap who wants to be known by her real name, jasmine. two juveniles in police custody accused of snatching a purse. it happened at a, paing garage on bryant street. the officers caught up to the pair and arrested them. officers also recovered that purse. authorities on the peninsula looking for two when they say are connected to a purse snatching attempt and car theft. belmont police released surveillance images of the men. take a look here. on wednesday, investigators say the suspect tried to steal a bag from a woman in a safeway parking lot on el camino. the woman wasn't hurt. but the man took off in a red honda. police now say that car had been stolen in san jose. any who recognize the pair should call belmont police. we have details on a double shooting that left a man critically injured. we reported on this wednesday
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morning at a home on bella drive off bella road. police say officers found several pounds of marijuana inside the home. investigators are trying to figure out if that might have been a motive for the shooting. the shooting victim may still face possible charges. 6:35. the students who left swastikas and hateful language in the residence halls at san jose state say it was just a joke. police say there were two separate incidents and the two suspects did not appear to know each other and acted individually. school officials say the students were not arrested because their actions did not target any particular students and are not considered criminal. >> we all should be outraged when any member of our community, whether here on our campus at san jose state, in our neighboring community or anywhere where we live and work are targeted in some way that is hateful. so i'm both saddened and outraged. >> school officials say the outcome of the investigation will determine the appropriate
6:36 am
punishment. developing overnight in charlotte, calmer, but people there looking for clarity. a city on edge as protesters took to the street for a third straight night following the deadly police shooting of keith scott. after two nights of previous violence, police issued a midnight to 6:00 a.m. curfew which demonstrators ignored. >> "today in the bay's" sarah rosario live in charlotte. >> reporter: protesters here in the queen city stayed out past their curfew. it wasn't that big of a problem because there were people, a stark contrast to what we've seen for the past two night. you may remember hundreds of protesters taking to the streets clashing with police and riot gear. those police forced to send out teargas and use rubber bullets to try to disperse the crowd. last nift hundreds of protesters still taking to the streets. this time their message is clear. what they want from police is for the police chief to release
6:37 am
that video showing the shooting death of keith scott. the police chief has been adamant saying he's not going to release the video while the case is still under investigation. what he did do is he showed the video to keith scott's family. their attorney looked at it as well and told the public it's not very clear. he says it showed something in scott's hand. he says he can't determine whether or not it is a gun. charlotte's mayor, jennifer roberts, saw the video and her message about the video echoes the same. this is why the family attorney and the family of keith scott still feels like the public deserves to see this video. there are two different stories as to what happened tuesday night. the police saying he had a gun even though the video isn't really showing it clearly and protesters and activists saying he didn't have one. this is something that will play out in the next couple days. tensions still high in the queen city. no word yet on any protests for this afternoon. live in charlotte, share rah
6:38 am
rosario, back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. we've been reporting on peaceful protests in tulsa, oklahoma. the police officer who shot and killed a man man will face first degree manslaughter. dash cam video shows dennis crutcher with his hands up when the officer fired. she said he was reaching in his car which is what prompted her to open fire. san jose firefighters say at least five times over the past week they responded to fires at or near homeless encampments. the latest occurred yesterday and rattled nearby merchants. the fires started for real need like cooking and warmth, but they post serious risks. >> with the homeless population, there is poe testimonily propane tanks, mattresses, tents, human waste that is out there. >> not to mention the time it takes to put out the fire.
6:39 am
city staff say it's become such an issue, it's included in the city's data collection to track cost and frequency. 6:39. we've seen some weather trends in recent weeks that i guess we could describe as wacky, all over the map maybe. >> is that a meteorological term, anthony? >> you could scientifically say it is or scientifically it's not. 53 this morning. we have been on a wacky trend over the past couple mornings. 4624 t in the north bay. we have clear skies all across the bay this morning with the exception of half moon bay, the only place we have fog this morning. later this afternoon we go back into the warm part of the wacky trend. 84 for the south bay. schooling cool at the coastline. we'll see 70s and 80s for the coastline, 90s for tomorrow. mike, how are your roads looking? a little wacky? >> that's wacky. a little unusual for san jose.
6:40 am
we'll look at the big view here and zoom in towards this area. we have 101 which has seen its streak of issues here through the stretch through 680 and the airport. the latest issue is brokaw, 101 northbound at brokaw moving to the shoulder. that was in the backup that formed after an earlier stall. this is all related to an earlier slowdown and crash. all should be cleared from the roadway in the next few. reports of a fire off 680/280. laura told you about homeless encampments. that's often what we see in that area. moving well up towards the bay bridge toll plaza. coming up, gearing up for the big night. preparations under way ahead of the first presidential debate on monday. >> reporter: today this baby-faced teenager will be back in court to answer charges he tried to kill an 88-year-old grandmother. i'm kris sanchez, what we know about the hearing today, the charges he faces and the
6:41 am
criminal past he has. got a tip for the bay area's biggest investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. ==laura/2shot==
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the man accused in the brutal beating of an 88 year old san
6:44 am
6:43 on your fld morning. the man accused in the brutal beating of an 88 yrd san jose woman in her home will face a judge today. >> chrkris sanchez joining us w the charges he's facing. >> reporter: in ability two hours, zachary cuen will make the short walk to the courthouse where he'll face dharjs that could send him to jail for a very long time. he'll be in the courtroom with the victim's family and friends. zachary cuen was in court on monday. his own family was there, and the family of flo douglas who he's accused of mers laosly beating in her own home. miss flo is still in the hospital with bleeding in her braen and in her eye.
6:45 am
the deputy district attorney on this case says cuen told miss flo he was going to kill her. >> when the victim, miss douglas, stated she didn't have any money, he then started punching and kicking her multiple times. miss douglas fell to the floor. he then continued to kick her. >> reporter: today zachary cuen will plead to charges including attempted murder, felony robbery and elder abuse. earlier y this year he was put on pro investigation for stealing a car, crashing it and fleeing the scene. in 2015 he was arrested for attempting a similar robbery in which the victim was also an elderly woman and lived in the same neighborhood as miss flo. the family of miss douglas created a gofundme account to help defray the cost of her being in the hospital.
6:46 am
they will be here in the courtroom at 9:00 this morning as zachary cuen enters a plea. 6:45 right now. dix 2016, a campaign like none other should draw a tv audience like none other. the first presidential debate is expected to break records. preparations are well under way for the showdown monday night at hofstra university in new york. at donald trump continues his campaign in pennsylvania, hillary clinton ended up taking time to gear up for the debate. she peared back her campaign schedule in preparation for the big night. her running made, tim kaine, says she's ready. >> the good news is she's so far over the hurdle in terms of preparation for this and knowing what she needs to know, we don't even have to get into that. >> meanwhile at hofstra university outside new york city, the finishing touches are being put on the stage right now. lester holt will be the moderator. 6:46. the bay area housing crisis
6:47 am
getting political. two cities have rent initiatives on the ballot. opponents and supporters hit the streets last night. the rent initiatives would limit rent increases and ban no-cause evictions. supporters say it's unfair to continue to allow unjust evictions and rent hikes. >> it can't happen like this, if we don't financing, we're going to be homeless. >> measures q and r are not the way to solve it. they aim to add a layer of bureaucracy by installing a rental housing commission that's not accountable to taxpayers. >> opponents say the solution to the housing crisis is to build more affordable housing. >> at 6:47 right now, 95 years old and as spry as ever. bay area park ranger celebrating a big birthday. >> doing it in a pretty historic place. betty reid soskin is the nation's oldest park ranger. she wanted to spend a special day at work doing what she loves, normally working at
6:48 am
richmond's home front museum. this week she's in washington, d.c. working at the grand opening of the new museum of african-american history and culture. betty says she's proud to see how far our nation has come through out our lifetime. >> i don't think there's lots of things we could have anticipated. i don't think we ever could have anticipated an african-american presidency. >> over the summer soskin approved a brutal attack. she was beaten and robbed but was determined to recover and has been back at work ever since. >> she can all teach us a lesson or two. >> she wanted to be at work in richmond. the president said, why don't you come here -- >> they're buddies now. >> what an honor. >> get that presidential coin. >> nice and shiny outside this morning. but cold to start. >> it is chilly this morning. you'll need the jackets this morning, maybe hot coke co-to go along. temperatures in the 40s in the bay area. we have clear skies as sam
6:49 am
alluded to. from tiburon across the bay, no fog from that location. same deal from pleasanton, weather underground showing clear skies as well. in the south bay, no fog either. we could have sunshine across the bay area. temperatures are cold, colder than they have been at least for about weeks. i had to go back and look the last time livermore had 40s. about ten days ago. 50 in livermore, 43 in napa. 47 in palo alto and 54 in san jose. later this afternoon you can lose the jacket. it's going to feel real nice out there, not as breezy at the coastline. 68 degrees in san francisco. 77 for palo alto and 79 for san jose. you'll notice a few more 80s on the map from gilroy up towards fairfield. so high pressure will start to build over the next couple days. that's going to be very warm weather. we had two storm systems, one that moved through yesterday. another will continue to hang
6:50 am
out north. we won't get anything in terms of rainfall, not the this week. it doesn't look like we'll see anything next week as well. high pressure builds in. that's going to lead to warm weather, the last hurra for summer because it looks like as we head towards october, temperatures will cool. there's rain on the long range models. 80 for today. 98 for the inland valleys by sunday. san francisco, temperatures will spike up more as well. back in the 70s or 80s. let's switch gears and track the morning commute. >> you don't have to slow down much. a little build. it's friday, we're seeing that later start. we have 87, 280 and 85 showing slowing now. 101 has had a tough morning. now the build from capital expressway slowing 680 at brokaw where i hear a crew arrived to
6:51 am
help with the crash but they're blocking the fast lane right now. southbound 880 slow but even better past a street. the earlier crash has cleared. now slowing all the way down to union city. one of the bridges here is the san mateo bridge. the live look shows you across the bay, right there, slowing on the build for the flat section. no problems through the peninsula. we'll look at 101 in palo alto. the build should start to see slowing over the next 20 minutes or so. there's southbound with the headlights towards university. back to you. right now an investigative unit exclusive, warnings by the president and fbi, concern by election officials, could november's election be hacked. >> investigative reporter stephen stock is here with what he discovered. >> we did find proof these are legitimate concerns. voting systems are vulnerable to attack. we talked to dr. matt bishop who with his graduate students at uc davis' computer department hacked in successfully.
6:52 am
back in 2007 he was asked by then california's secretary of state to lead a faculty and grad students to test the security of three electronic voting systems. they were able to successfully hack into all three. he tells us today's systems are just as vulnerable. california's current secretary of state, alex padilla told me there are now systems in place to prevent that and that laws require a paper trail here in california to verify just in case. even so, it's not a widespread attack that keeps the experts we talked to up at night. to wreak havoc they say all it takes is an appearance of a hack and that would be much easier to accomplish. you can see all our reporting on this issue on our website. just go to back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to up next, a long-standing
6:53 am
investigation culminates in court. the first of several officers charged in a widespread sex abuse scandal faces a judge. what we learned about what evidence turned up in the investigation. why a panel says sexual harassment in common in yosemite park's toxic work environment. on read why some employees describe work conditions there as horrific. linkedin and learning, the new training features and bots the company is rolling out. we'll bring you up to speed on our facebook page. we'll be right back. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area... =laura/vo= thest 6:56. welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. the first of seven law enforcement officers charged in a sex abuse scandal involving an east bay team is set to enter a plea in court. oakland police officer brian bunton is accused of tipping the teenager off about undercover prostitution stings in exchange for sex. in all, five oakland police department officers are facing charges. it stems from their alleged relationship with celeste guap who now wants to be known by her real name, jasmine. an unusual crash to say the least, brought westbound traffic on the san mateo bridge to a standstill last night. that's where a stolen hayward police car crashed into three
6:57 am
other cars. keep in mind, the video you're watching does not involve the car that was stolen. police chased the car on the bridge when it crashed just past the toll plaza and ended up rolling over into the marsh. officers were able to arrest the driver and thankfully no one in the cars were injured. all westbound lanes were closed for some time. the surge of violence in a typically quiet city. this morning police are investigating the shooting death of a 19-year-old man in south berkeley. it happened on the corner of fairview and ataline last night. police received calls of several shots fired in the area. when officers arrived they saw a young man on the ground. police say they believe the teenager was tarringed. this marks the third shooting in berkeley this month and the second killing this year. a third night of protests in charlotte, north carolina, although this version last night calmer than the previous two after the deadly police shooting
6:58 am
of keith lamont scott. demonstrators are urging officers to release the footage to the public. the body cam videos from that shooting. family members of scott have seen the video. they say they could not make out what was in his hands when he was shot and killed by a charlotte police officer. police say scott ignored multiple warnings to drop his weapon. scott's family says he wasn't holding a gun at all, but rather a book while he was waiting for his child to get off the bus. the governor of north carolina has brought in the national guard to calm the situation. 6:58 right now. taking a turn to weather and traffic together. first full day of fall and it feels like it this morning. >> temperatures cool this morning, in the 40s for most of our inland valleys. sti still dealing with 40s across the tri-valley. we've got clear skies this morning from the north bay into san francisco and into the south bay. later this afternoon we'll get rid of the cool temperatures and
6:59 am
see sunshine all day long. 68 degrees for san francisco. 70s and 80s around the inner bay and inland locations. tomorrow temperatures warm up, we're talking 90s for inland valleys. >> you eve been pumping up the beach trip. you're starting to get us excited. >> it's going to be warm. enjoy it. >> starter li because traffic sometimes can back up. >> not to rain on the forecast, getting to the beach, it will be crowded, highway 1 will be slower. 17 is moving well and 92 toward half moon bay, not a problem. in the south bay, north 101 has the only outstanding issue, a crash there at brokaw has emergency crews on scene blocking the fast lane. that's the focus of the slow drive through silicone valley in san jose. if you are north of 87 you're fine. an easier build toward the dumbarton and the san mateo
7:00 am
bridges. >> hope you make it through your day. >> we'll see you for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. good morning. outrage and unrest. streets in charlotte for the third straight night. protesters ignoring a new curfew, demanding that footage of a deadly police shooting be made public. >> release the video! release the video! >> while in oklahoma, the officer involved in a fatal shooting there now charged with manslaughter and turns herself in overnight. set for the showdown? it's crunch time as hillary he clinton and donald trump prep for the highest stakes moment of the campaign yet -- the first debate just three days away. clinton holding mock sessions behind closed doors, as trump tries out his new attack lines on


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